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Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

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This post has been hand sanded and over 5 protective clear coats added to it.

Includes a Miniature Riddell Helmet that is an exact copy of what the players wear on the field, with interior padding and a double chin strap!

For inside or outside use, if used inside simply place a piece of cardboard over the solar panel after first charge.

The lights on top are solar powered lights that shine 200 lumens, this is similar to a small flashlight spotlighting the post!

The posts themselves are very heavy and will never blow over in the wind, if placed on a flat surface.

Signs have multiple options for some teams.


Approx. Size of Large Posts without solar light: 28Hx6Wx7D

Approx. Size of Small Posts without solar light: 28Hx6Wx7D

Solar Lights will add Approx. 5-7in to the total Height of the post

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